January 2007

New year, new semifinals

We hope you have spent a nice and safe holiday with all the people you care about. We can’t complain at all: a lot of peace and quiet, just enough to recharge energies and keep on working.

I promise we’ll keep on doing our usual work at astrosdehouston.com with more effort each and every day. It might sound like a cliche, but we enjoy what we do, and we realize how lucky and blessed we are in having this opportunity of having this space and that we are able to voice our opinions and thoughts about this wonderful game in this stage.

We don’t have much time for R & R. The regular season in Venezuela is over, and this is Day 1 of the semifinal round robin. Caracas, Magallanes, Aragua, Zulia and Lara have passed to this point, and there are several Houston players involved in it.

Unfortunately, Jason Lane is not one of them. He left the country after an unsatisfying performance. He will really have a tough task to prove himself in the upcoming spring training.

And it’s precisely Juan Gutierrez, the pitcher who was the reason behind the first Caracas – Houston dispute this year, the starter for Game 1 against Magallanes. He left the game winning, but at the moment of posting this note the game was tied. I’ll tell you tomorrow in more detail what happened to him, but I’ll say this for now: We saw the reason why the Astros were hesitant at first to let him play here.

2007 is here, and it’s also time to have an idea of how the ‘Stros will do this upcoming season. We’ll try to do that from here up to Spring Training. I hope you join us.

Finally, all our best wishes to all of our readers, for a happy, prosperous and productive 2007. Thank you.