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Back to basics

capt.4762268c0ea844af8ef9774736ddd29b-4762268c0ea844af8ef9774736ddd29b-0.jpgThere’s something about the way Jeff Bagwell has understood his duties as new Astros hitting coach.

In recent statements told to the Houston Chronicle, Baggy, an Astros legend as none other, has said something that might underline the reason behind his hiring in substitution of Sean Berry, a passionate baseball man and a competent coach as well:

“There’s a certain way the Houston Astros play baseball, and I want to make sure we’re playing that way.”

That’s absolutely true. If there’s something in which your Houston Astros were masters in their glory years which took them to their first (and only, so far) World Series, is that this team was based in two solid tools: pop and speed. Maybe they didn’t have the most powerful batters in the game (except for Lance Berkman and the 2004 version of Carlos Beltran) but they squeezed every at-bat, they were threatening when it came to baserunning, and that, combined with efficient pitching, gave good results.

With Bagwell now at the helm when it comes to BP, can the Astros come back to those go-go ways? And with the players the roster has nowadays?