March 2008

All places set

I was wrong. sorry about that.

I thought that, despite a not-so-stellar Spring Training, Woody Williams was going to survive the last round of cuts. But that wasn’t the case.

Chris Sampson will be No. 5 of the starting rotation. Besides, the somewhat controversial idea of keeping three catchers in the roster will not be kept. Humberto Quintero was sent to Triple-A, while J.R. Towles and Brad Ausmus remain on the big team.

Williams was unceremoniously released. It is expected for the Houston-native hurler to call it quits after 15 MLB seasons.

Against Woody we can mention his age, his Spring outing and, above all else, his 15-8 record of 2007.

His teammates are not really pleased.

“Fourteen years in the big leagues, you have one bad year…you can’t really go on that,” Roy Oswalt said. “A lot of people have a bad year.

“I don’t think it’s right for Spring Training to be judged. But that’s [management’s] job. They’re trying to put a team on the field and I guess they’re trying to go a different way.”

A whole different case could be made for Quintero. The Maracaibo, Venezuela native really made his best effort, he shed a few pounds and proved himself at his top game. But in the end, Cecil Cooper didn’t go through with the three-catchers combo.

Venezuela-born seasoned infielder Tomas Perez made the cut though.

It’s true, this is a different path for the Astros. A road never travelled before, and a 180-degree departure from last year.

Or maybe, from the past 5 or 6 years in management style terms.


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