HomepageWith a new season, it’s always time for renewing hopes and aspirations. And no sport embodies that feeling better than baseball, right? With a new season we embrace a lot of traditions.

One of the latest traditions in baseball is a yearly makeover for and all 30 sites. certainly is no exception. The guys over at MLB Advanced Media have been kind enough to link this blog on the homepage. I cannot thank them enough for that.

This is all about making it easier to find our favorite content, be articles, the roster list, press releases or anything else you might like. And I hope you consider joining us at blogging the Astros here at MLBlogs, which will make your opinions be exposed to a wider audience, and who knows, maybe even become a part of the new

There’s plenty of interesting changes for the Astros this year, and I hope you join me as we see how a new era in the history of this organization unfolds.

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New site looks good! Opening day is coming and I’m so ready for some meaningful baseball.

Take Care Raffy!

Go ‘Stros!

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