June 2007

Thank you, Craig Biggio

Thank you Craig Biggio


Stole this from Crawfish Boxes.. Hope Joshua and Thomas understand…


Life throws a curveball at us

You might have been wondering why we have been away from blogging and talking Astros. We have avoided the issue for quite a while now, and if we have talked about it, it was in some veiled mention, so discreet you wouldn’t have noticed if you weren’t aware of it.

In my country, Venezuela, we’re living things that have made us reconsider our position as a country and as a people, that are making us rethink our way of assuming life and seeing facts. Our colleague Ismael Granadillo has explained the situation quite well for us in his blog.

We are not indifferent, because we know that this fight students, journalists and the owners and staff of the RCTV network are having in Venezuela is fundamental for keeping basic liberties which we are entitled to as human beings, and are not a gracious concession made to us by the State. Those are rights we must fight for and is the State’s duty to respect.

Freedom of speech is something as basic as the right to life itself. And despite the fact our Government has tried, in a thousand ways, of denying reality and show the international community a totally different outlook, each and every day there are more people and institutions who are aware of what’s really going on.

You will understand that we’re still doing our work but as of now, our mind is a bit far from the diamond.

However… We remain here and doing our work in the best way we can. Most of our work these days is behind the scenes, but rest assured we’re fine and doing our job.


What’s happening with the Astros might be one of the most disappointing points of this Major League season. We are saddened to see performances such as those by Carlos Lee and Hunter Pence going a bit under the table because of so many losses.

The questions are now going back and forth, and this situation makes us wonder whether this is a lost season for good or if there are reasons to keep hopes up for a comeback that might put the Astros on a fight for the pennant once again.

If there’s something that has not worked this year so well has been pitching. If we saw last season that hurlers helped mantain wins despite the team’s lousy hitting performance and lack of clutch, this year the story has been totally different. With an erratic Woody Williams and a struggling Jason Jennings, the starting cast looks a whole different than it was on 2006.

The bullpen hasn’t been of much help either. Once considered a mainstay of the team, it has not been quite cooperative. Just take a look at this recent series against the Texas Rangers.

So what to do? This is no doubt a state of flux. Whether start thinking about 2008, or start dealing aggressively to see if the Astros can get a second chance.

This is no easy task. We don’t envy Tim Purpura for a second.

Back into place?

Gafdoj8tThe Astros have been in trouble. We already know this and we have discussed it ad nauseam. But if there’s something they badly need to get that selfesteem back up, is something like this series is turning out, winning two against their 2005 World Series rivals.

First, it was Chris Sampson, who excelled in 6.2 innings; and now we’re pleased in seeing Jason Jennings pitching in a solid fashion Saturday afternoon.

Despite the fact Jennigs wasn’t able to earn a much-deserved win due to a late reaction from the White Sox, he did an amazing job, something he badly needs after all his trials and tribulations ever since he got to the Astros.

Brad Lidge is also back as closer. It looks like the circle is now complete and has bounced back from his problems present ever since late last year. Are things falling into place? We’ll have to wait and see a bit more for the answer to that.