Back into place?

Gafdoj8tThe Astros have been in trouble. We already know this and we have discussed it ad nauseam. But if there’s something they badly need to get that selfesteem back up, is something like this series is turning out, winning two against their 2005 World Series rivals.

First, it was Chris Sampson, who excelled in 6.2 innings; and now we’re pleased in seeing Jason Jennings pitching in a solid fashion Saturday afternoon.

Despite the fact Jennigs wasn’t able to earn a much-deserved win due to a late reaction from the White Sox, he did an amazing job, something he badly needs after all his trials and tribulations ever since he got to the Astros.

Brad Lidge is also back as closer. It looks like the circle is now complete and has bounced back from his problems present ever since late last year. Are things falling into place? We’ll have to wait and see a bit more for the answer to that.

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