About spacerace

I was born and raised in Venezuela, a baseball-mad country that produces some of the games finest players. I started writing about baseball back in 2000 for the now off-line website latinobaseball.com, delivering stories about Venezuelan players in Major League baseball and our very own Winter League (great atmosphere, every true fan should experience it once). That job allowed me to cover the 2002 Caribbean World Series in our capital city, Caracas.

That year, I began working for the Venezuelan Leagues official website, lvbp.com; doing beat reporting on my hometown team, Caribes de Oriente; that gave me the opportunity of covering the Final series between Caribes and the Aragua Tigers in 2004, which featured Miguel Cabrera as its biggest star.

During those years, I have collaborated for publications such as the Venezuelan newspaper Nueva Prensa de Guayana, and did a brief note for Baseball America magazine.

I have been associated with the Houston Astros as an author for their spanish-language outlets, such as the astrosdehouston.com website and Cronicas de los Astros supplement since 2004.


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