Grounded for the night

Captpnc10404150310astros_diamondbacks_baWhen the Diamondbacks delivered their game notes tonight, they made sure a certain factoid had a distinctive placing: Their starter, Brandon Webb, owns one of the best sinkers in the game, and is responsible for a grounder to air ratio of 4.32, leading the induced grounder department (is there such a thing?) with 451.

And that was exactly what Webb delivered, hypnotizing the Astros offense at Chase Field, becoming the main character in tonight’s victory over the Astros, 5-1.

Webb allowed just a run in six innings. Andy Pettitte had to bear the loss, with three runs in six episodes.

Tonight’s story was without question Webb’s repertoire, that turned the Houston bats into grounder machines; and Trever Miller’s relief appearance didn’t help: Conor Jackson homered off Miller, and that practically wrapped up the whole contest.

The Astros offense, not precisely the best in the NL, but not that shabby also (Ensberg is batting .355, Berkman .333, Taveras has a 6-game hitting streak), was neutralized by the Diamondbacks hurler. That was the story, and there’s no second-guessing about it. Captpnc10804150408astros_diamondbacks_ba

We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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