Play ball!

Capthta10610022124cubs_astros_hta106I would like to say hi to all of you visiting; I have to tell you it’s a lot of fun and if you’re considering joining in, don’t hesitate in doing so.
My name is Rafael Rojas Cremonesi, and for the past two seasons I have been a writer for the official spanish website of the Houston Astros, currently at

The Astros thought of having all of its spanish writers blogging, and my new friends at have asked me to do an English-language version of my blog.

The idea is to give you commentary on the current National League Champions (I’m sorry to rub this on you, but we’ve been waiting more than 40 years for this), and we’ll try to do it in a more informal style than the one we keep at the website. We want this to be a place for all Astros fans to tell us their stories of how they became identified with the franchise, and special moments you’ ve experienced with or because of the ‘Stros.

I can’t thank MLBAM enough for their support and for giving me this opportunity, most especially Mark and Jake, who have been so kind. So without further ado, here we are… and also available for your comments, questions, stories and (hopefully) your pictures at and

Join us as we follow the good guys and never stop believing the buzz!

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