And we leave you with some fireworks…

Captazrd10104162354astros_diamondbacks_b It was the fifth inning. Phil Garner went to the mound and asked Fernando Nieve to give him the ball. The rookie was experiencing his first Major League start ever, and he didn’t do that bad after all: 2 hits, 4 Ks and 4 hits, including a homer by Luis Gonzalez. However, the offense couldn’t protect him and at the moment he was carrying a huge "L" above him. It was a good outing, but not an outstanding one.

How things changed.

The Astros had a seven-run sixth frame, due to a couple of 2-RBI singles by Lance Berkman and Willy Taveras; and a 3-run dinger by Morgan Ensberg; to pull off a "W" instead (8-5), owning the series at Chase Field, and finally, returning to Minute Maid Park with a positive record on the road. We know it’s just the first of many trips throughout a long and excruciating season, but this leaves players and fans with a nice mood that could carry on into more good moments.

Captazrd10404162357astros_diamondbacks_b_1So much has been said about the Astros and their lack of lumber, it’s so refreshing to see developments such as tonight’s. We can only wait and see if this momentum keeps on going and the bats deliver; what Ensberg and Berkman have done so far is remarkable. Ensberg was such a factor in the three games in Arizona, that led Diamondbacks TV commentators to say, after reading his numbers on these past three games (2 HR, 5 RBI, .461 BA), he contributed not just with his power, but also taking the team photo and catering the whole crew.

Now it’s back home, with a positive outlook in the surroundings.

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