Beered up

Captwijp10305020145astros_brewers_basebaWandy Rodriguez was once again on top of his game, throwing six solid innings. It wasn’t enough.

Once again the Astros bullpen, this time represented by Dan Wheeler, couldn’t keep the Brewer offense on hold, conceding two costly runs that would ensure a Milwaukee win over Houston, 4-2.

Wandy was consistent enough, fanning 4 and granting 7 hits, two of them solo homers from Carlos Lee in the third frame, and from Bill Hall in the seventh, the only runs Rodriguez would earn in the contest.

For the Astros, Eric Munson got his first tater this season, in the seventh.

With a 2-2 tie, Wheeler gets the ball, and this time, he was hopelessly erratic in his delivery: walk for Prince Fielder followed by a double from Hall got two men in scoring position, driven in by consecutive sacrifice flies by Damian Miller and Brady Clark.

Houston only got four hits in the whole game, and to top it all off Wheeler handed the win over to the Brewers, in the first matchup of the series. We’ve seen too much of this "shaky bullpen" plot already; however, we can’t all say everything is lost. Far from it.

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If there’s anything to take from this game, we can say at least Wandy didn’t get pinned with the loss, he pitched great once again. It was also nice to see Munson show his power during the season. Also, the Red’s are playing the Cardinals, so hopefully they can split their series and we can split this with the Brewers and get us all back within a half game of each other.. I know watching the standings so early in the year are pointless.. but staying ahead (or close to) the division is something we need to try and work for.

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