Swept away

Capt852f23a5f35c4d51b7aeb901183b4f7eredsAs a writer, we must weigh in the good and the bad in equal terms when it comes to tell the story of a baseball game or team, trying to give readers a picture as objective as possible. But honestly, there are very few things we can talk about when it comes to today’s game in which the Cincinnati Reds beat the Astros 6-4 in 11 frames; thanks to solid shots by Ryan Freel and Austin Kearns; both going yard twice in the contest. The Reds swept the 3-game series at Minute Maid Park.

Let’s see. Fernando Nieve pitched on very short notice, when Roy Oswalt realized he wasn’t able to get on the mound today. Despite giving up shots to both Freel and Kearns, it wasn’t too bad in the end: five innings and two runs allowed.

Today’s game was very close at moments. Chris Burke sent it to extra innings with a double in the eighth; tying the game. In the tenth, Cincinnati got a lead with an RBI two-baser by Felipe Lopez, but Burke once again doubled.

In the eleventh inning, Cincinnati squeezed and battled every at-bat, abusing Dan Wheeler and Russ Springer. And as a result of that, Freel hit the decisive 2-run tater.

While the Reds got the most of every offensive opportunity, Houston got caught in its own desperation, without being selective at the plate. And in that game of wearing pitchers out, Cincinnati got the most of today’s contest.


very little good things to say about this series.

It could be worse, we could be in the Cubs position i suppose.

Hope we can at least get a series win against Chicago


Nieve was a bright spot…

that’s all I’ve got




He’s been good so far. Better than we ever expected.

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