Doing his thing

R3441101858_1This has been one busy Tuesday, so full of information (without mentioning the esoteric implications of the actual date). The draft, Roy on the DL, and Roger Clemens’ first Minor League appearance; this one with the Class-A Lexington Legends and his son Koby.

The Rocket delivered and did what he was supposed to do: he pitched three innings, with one earned run, from a solo shot in the first frame by John Drenner; fanned 6 and allowed 3 hits. Despite the initial setbacks, he quickly regained his balance and was stable throughout his full outing.

Clemens said he didn’t minimize the Minors. "This is serious baseball" he said. He was aware that he could have been smashed out by a bunch of hungry kids, just like he was more than two decades ago.

Two more MiLB stints are left; and from there, if all goes out as planned, he’ll be at Minute Maid Park on June 22 against the Twins. It would be interesting to see him in a pitching duel against Johan Santana. We can only cross our fingers for that.



As always, your reporting has been so brilliant and timely and informative. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!!


Thanks Lisa, it’s been one hectic day but wow..

I’m so blessed in doing this and I’m glad you like what we do…

can you imagine being a single A hitter and stepping in against Roger Clemens?

As for the guy who hit a home run against him, he must’ve been pretty happy.

Hope everything goes smoothly for the Rocket.

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