You only get one chance to make a first impression

Capta8d7fc2f8119422a8c9d90e7eac4152fcubs_1 Chris Sampson left everyone amazed. Except Phil Garner.

"To say it’s surprising suggests that I didn’t think he could do it," Garner said to the media. "We know he has good stuff, great movement on his pitches, and he’s been throwing strikes. It’s a good sign." Sampson did something beyond surprise, considering the fact it was his first Major League start; since his role in the pitching staff was upgraded after Roy Oswalt landed on the DL.

Seven shutout innings, giving up three hits and without striking out anyone. Incredible. They only needed a solo homer by Brad Ausmus to get the win, offensively speaking. The final? 1-0 Astros.

More and better signs the bad times have ended? Stay tuned.


I’m not sure what it was about the kid that made me so hopeful. Maybe the 7-1 record, maybe his interesting history, or even his crazy batting average. Perhaps the way he carried himself in his relief outing. Whatever it was, I had high hopes and a bit of excitement for this no-hype kid stepping up to the mound. After this game I was in no way disappointed (except perhaps w/ the official scoring of that first “hit”). His style isn’t fancy – no big heater, not a single strikeout, but it ws fundamentally sound and fun to watch. As he said, he just listened to Ausmus and did his best. And he had the atheliticism and quick reaction time to back it up. That wasn’t just a win, it was a fun one, and I hope we can see more of this guy in the future (not to mention, I’m just waiting for the chance to see what his bat can really do).

he certainly made a lot of plays, and fields his position really well.

Great debut major league start.

First series win since the Texas Rangers series.

Onwards and upwards, a bit of Braves bashing is in order.

And only two weeks till Roger returns!

the 0 strike out total is a crazy stat.. I heard out of his first 18 outs, 15 were ground balls.. he’s definitely fooling someone.

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