How things have changed

Capt26f2470cc7684e11b12f37c0d4634435bravRight after a poor offensive display on Saturday, the Astros left it all behind and went full throttle on Sunday, in the series finale against the Atlanta Braves. 17 hits in total, including a couple of homers by Eric Munson; and Jason Lane driving in five runs, for a 14-4 score. It certainly was an astronomical beating, as the Venezuelan daily Meridiano put it.

You know it better than me: explosive hitting has not been precisely the Astros’ trademark these days; despite the fact we saw a lot of that earlier in the season. Houston has won 5 of their last 6 games, and it seems like timely and consistent hitting is finally here. We hope it stays with us.

There’s a number we might overlook: Astros starters had a 2.04 ERA in its previous five games, with 8 earned runs in 35.1 innings pitched.

More hopeful signs: Roger Clemens had his second Minor League stint, this time with the Double-A Corpus Christi Hooks. 73 pitches in 8 innings, whiffing 11, tying a franchise record, allowing no hits until the fifth frames. Clemens has expressed he is taking these tuneup starts very seriously. And that seems to be true.

There are no big reasons for concern these days (Morgan Ensberg has nothing serious in his shoulder, he’s expected to return Tuesday; Roy Oswalt won’t be on the DL for long). That’s a huge improvement to the outlook we had in front of us two weeks ago.


This game was enjoyable to watch unlike the one before… It was nice to see Munson hit two homeruns… wonder if that had anything to do with him making consecutive starts… Also nice to see Lane put out some production. I think Roy-O’s going to start on Wednesday, so that’s a good sign.. 5 wins out of the last 6, Wandy, Andy, Nieve and Sampson all looked good in their last starts, Roy-O coming back after missing two starts and last but not least, Roger will be here next week. All good signs for the Astros.

We know how much I enjoy the explosive hitting 🙂 Makes me happy, makes me relaxed, the game was enjoyable. Good to see the starting pitching ERA… Those are the Astros I know and love. Hopefully that can continue.

Happy Monday, Rafael!


i love to see the Astros get a rout, mainly because it doesn’t happen too often.

Wandy is back on track, Roy O will be back in action, Ensberg will likely be back in the lineup against the Cubs and Roger aced his AA tuneup.

Could do with a good old sweep at Wrigley to keep things going.

And then the Royals come to MMP so we shoud pick at least 2/3 in that series, and then its the Rocket’s return.

Never say never with this team.

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