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I am going full disclosure: I am subscribed to The Sporting News since last year, and I find it a very good read, and they, in my humble and very own opinion, treat the Astros fairly (Roger Clemens was in the cover, they named Willy Taveras their rookie of the year, they interviewed Morgan Ensberg). They have this email sent out every Tuesday to subscribers called "Tuesday Morning Stretch" and they discussed, among other topics, this subject:


Here’s what they said.

Rob Hurtt

I wasn’t aware that the Astros (32-32) needed saving. At this point last year, the eventual National League champs were 12 games under .500 and 14 1/2 games back in the division. That team needed saving. This one is within reach of the Albert Pujols-less Cards (six games), and it would be in the playoff hunt in September even without Rocket. Having Clemens makes it more likely that playoff hunt will end well.

Brendan Roberts

I haven’t seen this much excitement about an old guy since Gerald Ford took over for Tricky ****. Clemens can’t save the Astros pitching six strong innings every fifth day. Heck, the team never won in his starts last year, anyway. If the Astros are to be saved, and I don’t believe they will, it’ll be because Roy Oswalt is healthy, Andy Pettitte remembers how to pitch and Jason Lane stops his Mario Mendoza impersonation.

What do you guys think?



I think the Sporting News is way off. Rocket, and everything he stands for, will help the Astros and their rotation.

I knew I did a good thing by canceling my Sporting News.

Keep up the good work!



8 wins out of the last 9 games.. Out of the wild card by 2 1/2 games.. Nuff said.. I agree with Rob. Having Roger pitch every 5th day isn’t going to be the thing that puts the Astros over the hump.. it will be the thing that helps the Astros stay well above the hump.. key word here is “helps.” They can do it with out him, but having him is like the whipped icing on the cake.. You could do with out, but it makes the cake that much better.


I believe they tried to feature two different opinions on the subject; but, if you asked me a few weeks ago, probably I would have bought Brendan’s pessimistic point of view. Now, I agree more with Rob. Certainly this is a team that is in much better shape at this point in the season than last year’s squad (and they went to become NL Champs).

My two sports-related subscriptions I can’t live without are TSN and Baseball America; it’s like a movie-industry guy who’s subscribed to Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, right?

glad you added that “sports-related” before subscriptions Rafael. =)

I wasn’t sure if Brendan was being a pessimist or an optimist.. that was a weird of putting it. “If the Astros are to be saved, and I don’t believe they will…”

Thomas, I’m also subscribed to Texas Monthly and Hispanic magazines, in case you’re wondering =)

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