Captd602651844804b32b3f33151285e1d48astr Last night’s defeat was yet another cause for frustration for Astros fans, because it was  another great pitching performance sent to the waste basket by a poor offense. Today’s game marked a turn of 180 degrees and a complete departure from that.

Taylor Buchholz, who seems to be quite comfortable with pitching in front of a national TV audience, proved his critics wrong; the same ones who speculate with the fact he could be sent to the Minors soon (yes, that kind of people, who write about the Astros without even attending or watching two Houston games in a week). Seven solid frames in which he barely conceded two hits, right after flirting with a no-hitter during four frames. Chad Qualls, Dave Borkowski and Trever Miller kept the rookie hurler’s gem intact, and the contest ended 7-0 in favor of the Astros against a baffled Texas Rangers team.

The offense was present, finally. Mike Lamb, one of this season’s breakthroughs, went 3-for-5 driving in 3 runs. I can assure you that you would hear a lot more about him if he played for a team in New York or Boston. Lamb hit another homer robbed by an spectacular catch from Gary Matthews, Jr. It was one of the best defensive plays we have ever seen in baseball. If you didn’t see it live, don’t worry. Baseball Tonight will play it endlessly from here to October. Willy Taveras also put on a great show with his glove – and a bit of acrobatics – in this game.

A very good ballgame, alright, in which Ranger bats weren’t able to decipher Buchholz and his deliveries. At least fans in Arlington will have the satisfaction of Matthews and his incredible catch.

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it’s good to win, but it is also frustrating to see some offense after woeful inadequacy in the past 4 games. Great performance by Taylor and Lamb.

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