History repeating?

Capt4f3e3c61317547fa814bda414e096938astrIt wasn’t Wandy Rodriguez’s best performance ever (five runs allowed in the same amount of frames), but at least he counted on enough offensive support to get his ninth win this season.

Eric Munson drove in five runs, going 3-for-5, plus a solid bullpen demonstration from Chad Qualls, Trever Miller, Russ Springer and Brad Lidge, who saved his 20th game this year, for an Astros victory over the Texas Rangers 9-5. The Astros took the series against their intrastate rivals.

You know how rare it has been such a performance, in which the Astros have been able to recover from inconsistent starting pitching, getting a "W" with a great offensive display. We don’t want to be too optimistic, but last night Ranger broadcasters recalled it was precisely this time last year when the Astros started their amazing race which took them to their first-ever World Series. Will history repeat itself this year?

Plus: Lance Berkman deserved his All-Star Game call-up, being one of the lead RBI producers in all of baseball. He deserved to be there as an starter though, in our humble opinion.

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Go Astros! another series win against the Rangers, and a great all round offensive game capped by Munson’s 5 ribbies.

Hope we can keep it going against the Cubs and Cardinals at home..


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