Captc42fe182ff9b4c95839080492a27799acubsThat’s what the Astros seem to have these days. Four straight wins, and today, as Kevin Yanik wrote in his recap, we saw all the good elements: solid pitching, timely hitting and sound defense. That’s how inspired teams play.

Andy Pettitte tossed six innings granting a run, Mike Lamb drove in three runs and Morgan Ensberg completed an improbable play. The Astros beat the Cubs 7-2 this July 4th.

Who would have thought it. The Astros are back on the .500 mark, and they have plenty of possibilities to be atop the NL Central. This looked so distant, after talking so much about Pettitte’s trials and tribulations, and how hard has been for this offense to get men on base. But those are the Astros for you. The ballclub in which nothing is constant.

Is this team in need of help? Probably so. Will they get it? It’s hard to know. Two seasons ago they got Carlos Beltran at the right time. Last year, the best move was to stay put. It all depends on how willing Tim Purpura is in dealing a valuable piece in his puzzle. And that’s so hard for a man that got his merits by working in player development.

Last season, we did a piece on how the Astros could (or could not) get involved in a deal. It seems like time has stood still and it has not lost its news value.


We said…I got a question Do
you know if thomas from’stros

Bro Is out of town or what? he has not written in his blog

since the 27th of June I thought you might know.


from what I hear we may not be losing any puzzle pieces. The big deal is potentially dealing some of our minor league pitching talents. We have more than we’ll need and not a lot fo places to put them in the near future, even w/ Clemens gone next year. Really don’t want to see Samson go, but his performance probably makes him look tempting.

the Silent killer B strikes again! 4 in a row too, and going for a sweep.

Justice mentions Burke, Hirsh, Hunter Pence and Matt Albers in today’s blog.

I really don’t want to lose Burke because I think he can be a future cornerstone of this team.

GO ASTROS Back at .500 once again.

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