Capt1632433066b24cbb8cfe123563f2aed8astrThat’s a word you don’t hear associated with the Astros often. What happened last night was sure odd, beating the Florida Marlins mercilessly for a final of 12-0. What was most interesting was to see Adam Everett and Brad Ausmus, two players you usually forgive their offensive shortcomings because of their defensive skills, being the biggest contributors with the lumber.

Everett had a perfect 4-4 evening, with 4 RBI; Ausmus went 3-for-3 with two driven in. Chris Burke and Lance Berkman brought a couple home each.

The nicest was to see the usual Andy Pettitte, fanning 10 in seven frames tossed.

"That hasn’t happened recently, but boy, that was sure fun," Phil Garner said to "Good at-bats, and Andy really did a nice job. The Marlins will surely tell otherwise, after seeing how the Astros took care of their pitching staff, including rookie Yusmeiro Petit. We’ll never get tired of hoping this is the turning point the Astros need.

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Sure was nice to see Everett and Ausmus chipping in.

If we aren’t sure whether the offense has turned the corner, our starting rotation certainly has. Pettitte has churned out quality starts the last few outings, you know Clemens and Oswalt will give it 100%, Buchholz too is looking good, and Brandon Backe should be pitching in 6 days time against the Mets.

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