Looking for a new direction

R3658510033I would like to apologize since I’ve been away from the blogs for a while, I promise it won’t happen again.

We’ve been busy with an article for Cronicas de los Astros, the official Spanish-Language program of the Astros, which will be available for all fans early this August. We talked to Mike Lamb, a ballplayer who is usually away from big headlines and the spotlight. He has become one of the Astros breakthrough players this season.

What impressed us the most about him is how he manages to keep his feet on the ground despite his new fame. It must be everything he’s been through, like his short stint with the Yankee organization. Lamb knows pretty well where he’s standing, and he remains humble under any circumstance. That’s why so many people are very happy for the good times he’s having with the lumber.

While we were researching, interviewing and writing that article, it has been quite tough to be an Astro. A wild series in Chicago for starters. Now Taylor Buchholz had a very rough night, granting a couple of homers, including a grand slam by John Valentin, for a total of seven runs, six of those earned, in five innings tossed.

The Astros certainly make many starters look like aces when they face them. John Maine tossed a complete-game shutout, giving up four hits (we don’t know whether it was Maine being bright or the Astros and their lack of offensive spark). Mets beat the Astros 7-0.

Houston is a team in search of a sense of direction. Wandy Rodriguez was demoted to Triple-A in order to make room for Brandon Backe on the roster; prospect Matt Albers has been promoted. Time will tell. And it’s running fast.

A side note: There has been some moves in the Astros front office as well. We’ve had the chance to work with Caroline Montao for almost three seasons now. Maybe she’s been our lucky charm: since she has worked with us, the team’s had its best run in franchise history. Her outstanding work has been paramount in bringing a Spanish-language website, a magazine and these blogs you’re reading now. And personally, she’s been a true great friend and coworker. We can always count on her.

Caroline has been promoted to the Broadcasting/Promotions department as Sponsorship Account Manager. We wish her all the best in her new challenges ahead. And those same good wishes go to her successor, Celeste Casas.

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Missed ya Raffy! Maybe with your return the Astros will return to a somewhat productive offensive team.


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