Good news, bad news

57209587jm014_houston_astro072320_lowerToday’s been a bittersweet day for Astros fans. Roy Oswalt can finally say he’s had plenty of run support backing him up. Houston bats unloaded a total of 16 hits, including three doubles. That helped in a 8-4 win over the New York Mets.

Best of all, there were actually runs made in the game’s last two innings, and Brad Lidge looked pretty good. That’s something you don’t see often these days. It was Oswalt’s first victory since June, even despite the fact he wasn’t at the top of his game, allowing 4 runs and 8 hits in 5.2 frames, including a homer by Carlos Delgado.

However, it wasn’t a perfect setting. Lance Berkman injured his groin trying to run the bases in the fifth. Berkman is confident he’ll be in the starting lineup Tuesday. And that is badly needed for the Astros these days.

The hitters hit, pitchers threw well, the bullpen was top-notch, and as Lidge said, Guys were hustling. They were taking advantage of any mistake, and Roy got the lead and settled down. The bullpen did a great job. We finally did some things for Roy."


It is about time for the astros to get it all together.

I hope Lance Berkman is right and it is nothing serious.The stros need him in the lineup


Good to see them support Roy. Glad to see them actually get a win from the Mets…

really good win, and Roy O gets back to .500. We just need to play like this every game.

Berkman on the DL would be the end to our season.

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