I remember… When I lost my mind

193front_largeGnarls Barkley, anyone? This postseason can lead you to insanity, to say the very least. And it all came to an unexpected yet amusing climax at Game 7 of the NLCS. Who would’ve thought that Carlos "Cardinal killer" Beltran would surrender to such a pitch. Goes beyond me. Goes beyond Beltran himself, who wasn’t able to believe it. Astros fans all over the place will find some poetic justice in all of this.

Congratulations to the Cardinals. They will have it tough. Detroit looks solid in all aspects of the game, but as The Sporting News pointed out in its daily email today, anything can happen. This has been one postseason in which nothing is taken for granted. Wow. My buddy Mark, the very own master of the MLBlogosphere will lead you through the fun behind-the-scenes side of the Fall Classic. Join him.

Things here are just starting to warm up, baseball-wise. It’s still early in the season to make any judgments and analysis. It’s way way too early. At least we saw Al Pedrique being named supervisor of all Astros baseball operations in Latin America, which includes the legendary Guacara Academy. Our best wishes to the current Magallanes skipper.

And I’d like to welcome a new Astros blogger to the neighborhood. My big pal Rita will give you a different yet entertaining point of view on all things hot stove. She’ll be great, I’m sure.

Rainy day in Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela. Rain, thunder and other stuff that’s not so nice either. In the meantime, we can’t avoid staring at the Rolling Stone magazine we just got today (yeah, I’m also subscribed to a truckload of magazines, and yes, Baseball America and The Sporting News are among them). Thank you, Fergie.


Thanks for the plug and I hope I can live up to your expectations! 😉

Nice to have another ‘Stros Blogger.. Nice mag cover Raffy!


Hola, solo queria agradecerte la visita y el comentario que pusiste en mi blog. Me gusto mucho tu punto de vista y como lo expusiste. Saludos desde la Isla


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