Feud over Lane

Retrieveimage The bitter rivalry between the Caracas and Magallanes teams in the Venezuelan League takes on a new chapter, and this time is off the field: Journalist Ismael Granadillo, a writer for the Caracas-based daily Lider and our peer over at astrosdehouston.com, reports the feud between both squads over the services of Astros outfielder Jason Lane.

Lane played with Caracas a few years ago, and he left a pretty nice memory tearing up the League and piling up amazing offensive numbers. Lane himself is very fond of the experience and he has let us know about that during the few times we have talked to him.

Magallanes announced recently that Houston gave them the go-ahead sign in order to assure Lane; while Caracas replies, telling Lider they have already talked to the player, and he promised to talk to Astros brass so they can get their decision reversed.

"We had a verbal agreement with Lane", said Ariel Pratt, Caracas President. "The thing is, the Astros granted permission to Magallanes in order to sign him, when they didn’t ask for anything regarding him, while we used the proper channels of communication. He has said he wants to play with us and we are waiting to ask once again for permission. Jason is talking to Houston to see if Management changes its mind".

On the Magallanes front, Sports Manager Juan Francisco Castillo said: "We asked for permission at the same time as Caracas did, but our request was accepted and theirs wasn’t. If, by any chance, Caracas had any previous agreements, that would be against the regulations set by the Caribbean Baseball Confederation and that could mean fines".

"Lane is a player we’re interested in, but the fact we have gotten the permission doesn’t mean we’ve signed him already", Castillo said. Regardless of the outcome, Jason Lane is no doubt a very interesting piece that could mean a huge help for any  ballclub. Lane would make a decision on coming to Venezuela after the outcome of the presidential elections that will be held this Sunday. We’ll wait and see.

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Imagine if teams in MLB felt the same way about Lane. I still have hope for Lane in MLB, but I have a feeling next year could be his last chance as an Astro.

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