Lanegate is over

The Venezuelan daily La Verdad reports that finally the feud over Jason Lane has a winner. The Caracas Lions have finally hired the outfielder, and he should be arriving to Venezuela at any time.

What does Magallanes manager Al Pedrique think of all this? According to the paper, nothing nice. "Caracas has handled itself unprofessionally in this matter", starts the quote by La Verdad. "The Astros had already given us the rights to deal with him (…). He will have the last word on this, it’s all up to him".

More Winter baseball notes on, and for those of you who can read us en espaol, head over to

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Hopefully now Lane can get his swing back… or get his swing period. It would be nice to have that power in a productive role in the lineup on a regular basis. The Astros with the players they have and their potential, have the “potential” to be a very good offensive team this year. Of course they did last season to, and we all know how that went.

-Stros Bro

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