Jennings is an Astro

Captny17012122304rockies_astros_trade_baThere has been plenty of speculation about the fact Taylor Buchholz and Willy Taveras could be the subject of a possible trade. In the beginning the destination for both was Chicago. Today, there are moving indeed, but somewhere else.

Buchholz and Taveras, alongside prospect Jason Hirsh, have been sent to the Colorado Rockies in exchange for pitchers Jason Jennings and Miguel Ascencio. Undoubtedly, this deal gives the starting rotation even more depth, trying in a way to fulfill the void left by the departure of Andy Pettitte.

In the end, it wasn’t Jon Garland, but is a welcome addition nonetheless. I can’t stop thinking about Willy and Taylor, though. We saw them at their best more than once at Minute Maid. Taveras was particularly kind to us and he told us a lot of interesting aspects of his life in an interview for Cronicas de los Astros. Best of luck to all.


I’m good with this deal. It’s sad to see Willy-T go, but on a purely baseball standpoint.. I think this was a decent trade.

-Stros Bro

I’m glad that Burke will get a shot at being an every day player. Still need left handed pitching

Agreed KPB, Part of me wants to trade Mo for a lefty reliever and a couple of prospects for 3B/CF…Even though I like Mo, he’s a headcase…Huff is still unsigned–maybe we can get him back–we have the money to sign him now…

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