Green means go

Captfldp10602161733astros_spring_basebalPitchers and catchers have reported and worked out for the first time at Kissimmee this Friday. All of them except for one, RHP Jose Rodriguez, are practicing. Rodriguez has not been able to arrive to the US yet because of visa issues.

We can see plenty of new faces in the crew: Miguel Ascencio and Jason Jennings, who came here from Colorado. Jennings and Woody Williams are the biggest attention-grabbers so far, natch. Jennings should not be intimidated by his new home, Minute Maid Park, not a pitcher’s park by any chance; even less after being able to tame the beast that Coors Field represents for any pitcher.

There are plenty of youngsters who are worthy of your attention, as well. It’s true they are not likely to get into the big club right after Spring Training, but it’ll be great to see what are they up to and give us a glimpse into their potential. That is the case of guys such as Paul Estrada and Troy Patton.

Phil Garner is taking notes from Day One, and he wants to have an idea of how his rotation will be like; right behind Roy Oswalt and Company. They all have a shot, so they will try to make the best of it.

You can’t plan enough ahead. No one knows for sure what will be Roger Clemens’ decision in the end.

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