Decisions, decisions

Capta1ec5af99bb249c6a66ead8ebbed4511astrIt isn’t easy to be a Major League manager. Phil Garner knows it quite well. Time is running out and tough decisions must be made.

Seeing Ezequiel Astacio, and being patient with him, was becoming harder for us each and every time. He has talent, no doubt. But he couldn’t rise to expectations. That’s why he was put on waivers, and now we see the Rangers taking him.

Astacio wasn’t a strong contender by any chance for a rotation spot. That’s why we saw things being decided
between Wandy Rodriguez and Fernando Nieve, and it seems like Nieve will take the fifth spot in the end; all because Brian Moehler hasn’t been able t odeliver.

Chris Sampson might be the long reliever, after all; only confirming our suspicions. When it comes to the most established starters, Woody Williams is having mixed results in his outings. We hope he feels 100% in shape when the season starts. We are not so sure about that but I hope I’m wrong.

Will this experiment of Morgan Ensberg in the second lineup spot work? It would take a bit of pressure out of him since he wouldn’t be in crucial places in the order anymore. He’s had contact in his better moments. I hope it works, and if it doesn’t, don’t blame us for losing our patience with him.

Finally, we are sorry that Richard Hidalgo wasn’t able to capitalize on his Spring Training invitation. We can’t say he didn’t make his best effort. He truly deserved this chance; and it’s sad to see he couldn’t make the best out of it.

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I wasn’t sold on Nieve until that last start. He has a particular life to his fastball that is encouraging in a young, fairly unproven player. I had hoped that Sampson–a pitcher whose control is as admirable as Nieve’s fastball–would make the rotation, but I’ve changed my mind and hope that Nieve gets the nod.

I enjoy your blog, and the interesting perspective that you offer to the online Astros community.

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