Before I forget…

I don’t really like to brag about my own work, but this is not about me. I have just realized that on Thursday, we’ll have our first anniversary here on MLBlogs, and I couldn’t let it pass (and I do it now because I tend to forget anniversaries and birthdays so much). It has been an extraordinary year in which there has been a lot of work indeed, but above all things, we have met a lot of very nice people and we have shared a lot with them.

So I can’t thank you all enough, starting with our boss Rosi HernŠndez, Caroline MontaŮo and Celeste Brown, our friends Mark Newman (master of the MLBlogosphere, no doubt), Jacob Wilson (both responsible for helping us making this the first and only bilingual MLBlog to date) and Suzanne Medina over at MLB Advanced Media; Anthony Mendoza from XM Radio, Joshua Raisen and Thomas Johnson (our always remembered ‘Stros Bro!) over at Crawfish Boxes, Lisa and Rita, and all of you who have left us a comment or read us.

There have been plenty of rewards along the way. This has been one great experience, because we have met some very, very nice people. And we hope to keep on counting with all of you.

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