Escape from PNC Park

Capt191a27ae93dd45f7a658aeb79b2cbdd1astrWhere do we start? This has been a series in which Astros bats went AWOL, pitching had both sublime and ridiculous moments, sometimes even some of both at the same game; and stranding men on base was turned into an art form. The Astros left 13 men on base today.

And when suddenly, an usually erratic Wandy Rodriguez starts to pitch in an efficient fashion, Houston gives up to the rule of a Tony Armas with a bloated 11.57 ERA.

The Astros stand at six straight losses now; they will try to turn their odd luck around against the Brewers at Minute Maid. There was a remarkable lack of clutch, and we don’t know what happened to that team which started a winning streak that was stopped cold at Milwaukee.

Will there be any moves? Tim Purpura has resources, and he knows he has a certain amount of pieces he can deal with. It might be too soon but, let’s face it, if this pace (or lack thereof) keeps on going, there will be plenty of people on the hot seat.

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