Happy to be here

Captbceff604a5b542849dd9804368fa39bfbrewAnd with plenty of reason for that. Hunter Pence has received an eagerly-awaited promotion to the Majors, and now most eyes are on him. So far, the kid has not disappointed. He shot his first Major League hit on a sellout game this Saturday; going 1-for-3. On Sunday, he went 2-for-4.

But one guy does not make a team alone. And the Astros need plenty of hitting such as Pence’s to avoid things such as Woody Williams losing and not showing a win yet for the season, despite having a solid start, with 5 hits and 3 runs allowed in 6 frames. Roy Oswalt can tell you he’s had more than just one start wasted due to this offensive drought.

In today’s defeat Vs. Milwaukee, which ended 3-1 (the only run being produced by a Mike Lamb PH homer), the Astros left 13 men stranded.

So we don’t know for real who the 2007 Astros are: Are they the club which shot 13 hits and scored 10 runs on Saturday? Or is it the the Sunday version, the one being most recurrent these days; having a lot of trouble trying to get their runners at least advancing closer to home.

Bringing Pence up is a welcome first step on the right direction, but there’s a long way to go.

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Oh that awful, awful number: 13 LOB. That was the big difference between today and Saturday – timely hitting. Bases loaded three times, and nothing. Man.

Let’s hope that soon Pence being up will truly pay off for us…

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