Zambrano. Again.

Capt64ca9026dbb248ac98747260255cf31ecubsIf there’s something that can be said about the Astros in this recently concluded first half is that they have been inconsistent, in every level and aspect of the game. Hitting, pitching, defense, you name it…

In this sea of uncertainty, there’s always something consistent. And in this case, I’m saddened to say it’s Carlos Zambrano.

You might remember that last year, if there’s something the Venezuelan hurler did quite well, is dominating the Astros. He did it at Minute Maid, in a brilliant game… for him. For the Astros, and for us, never hiding where our heart is, it became a sleep-inducing ordeal.

Today was more of the same. Two key errors, and Zambrano goes for 6.2 innings in which he disposed the Astros at ease, allowing 3 hits and going for the partial shutout, striking out 7.

Zambrano makes a bold case for a NL Cy Young award. In the meantime, what else can we talk about, when a man dominates a ballclub in such a consistent way…

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