Garner, Purpura dismissed

Capt71a85cc532614403aa74442da4ea4902astrOne of the things we certainly noticed from the announcement we brought you earlier was that it was going to be done by Astros CEO Drayton McLane… by himself. And that’s what we got.

In a bit of a surprising move, McLane has informed us the dismissal of both Astros Manager Phil Garner and GM Tim Purpura. Cecil Cooper will be the new skipper while Smith will perform as interim General Manager.

Does this have something to do with the sad spectacle seen during the ceremony in which the Astros retired Jeff Bagwell’s number? Probably so, but the only thing it did was to push forward something which was written on the well a long time ago.

We still have time to gather our reactions and we will probably tell you about it on However, if one thing is certain is that Cooper, Smith and whomever comes after him will face quite a difficult outlook, with a decimated farm system, a drought of quality starting pitching and an offense which has always been at the NL cellar.

And that’s what made McLane pull the trigger. Yesterday’s fiasco just made it intolerable. Both Garner and Purpura had their share of highlights and low moments (Garner took the Astros to their first World Series, Purpura was always regarded as a talent builder) but it was time for a change.


I can say I’m surprised… not upset about the decision, but surprised it happened and surprised at the timing of it. Tim Purpura seems to fit better as a back office guy.. really nice and good with people, but not hard nosed enough to be a GM.

Concerning Garner… I don’t know if he really should have lost his job, but it doesn’t bother me. All season long I’ve been questioning move after move(especially the platoon situations).

I’m happy to see Cecil at least get an opportunity to lead the team(except when Garner was ejected). I think Cecil will do a good job and hopefully will be the manager at the start of next season.

‘Stros Bro

Wow… Big shake up in Houston. I figured Garner might get the ax in the off season, but didn’t think that Purpura was in that much danger of losing his job.

I remember Cooper as a player and was a fan, so I’m glad to see him getting a shot at managing.

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