Luke Scott arrives

16102007103He might be a man of few words, but when he’s on the field, Luke Scott lets his bat do the talking.
That’s the case in Venezuela. When he debuted two years ago with Navegantes del Magallanes in Winter Baseball, he was an up-and-coming prospect, looking to establish himself in the Majors.

Scott impressed and made headlines with a performance unseen in an American player at the Venezuelan League in more than 20 years, since its teams, due to the looming financial crisis the country has experienced ever since, stopped signing high-profile Major Leaguers and Triple-A players.

When we found Scott, it was barely his first day in a Magallanes uniform in this new season. Manager Al Pedrique didn’t place him in that night’s roster; therefore, he didn’t dare to give us a definite impression of the country, or his team.

"I haven’t had time to play yet", Scott told us in an impressive  Spanish. "We’ll see and give it some time. So far, everything seems to be great, the country and my teammates. Let’s give it some time".

Patience and humility are two of his main assets, combined with a deep sense of religion. He is a faithful man, and he’ll let you know just that. When we asked him on how he would fit into Ed Wade’s new plans for the team, he told us he hadn’t had a conversation with Wade yet, but that he was clear he had to do his job the best way he could. And that’s how he sees how he could contribute with Magallanes as well. "My expectations are always the highest, and I have to do the best I can, always in the hands of the Lord (…) I’m a human being though, so I’m not perfect".

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