Four in a row

R3539432667To make things worse than they already are: Roy Oswalt had his shortest start this season, for 4.1 innings, in which he was literally clubbed by the San Francisco Giants, who defeated the Astros 7-5. After a 2-2 tie in the fifth, Oswalt started to struggle. He conceded seven runs, six earned, and 10 hits in total.

It`s not hard to figure out that the Astros offense are going through a slump when Preston Wilson and Mike Lamb are the biggest run producers for the club.

"We have lost four in a row", Phil Garner says. "And we have not played well in all of them". We are not in the position to say otherwise.


Man we’re not playing at 100% at the moment. Sure could do with a ROCKET boost right about now.


They are KILLING me. This has been an utterly painful 5 days. Although not as painful as last season’s 15-30 start.


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