Oh God no

Captbb65697cf0a3439cbd86c5d4d4d73e2fastrIts true what Robert Falkoff says in his article: if it happened to Roy Oswalt and Andy Pettitte, why wouldn’t it happen to Taylor Buchholz?

The young Astros starter (who already has dedicated fans and all) got his first true beating this season, giving up 8 runs and 12 hits in 4.1 innings, losing to the Dodgers 9-6, the sixth defeat in a row for the Houston ballclub.

It isn’t that the Houston bats couldn’t muster some hits of their own, but the reaction in the game’s last third, including Lance Berkman’s ninth-frame tater, wasn’t enough. Buchholz got a good dose of L.A. lumber, including homers by Jeff Kent and Rafael Furcal. The Astros left 8 men in transit.

The debate remains, particularly during this forgettable roadtrip: Are the Astros in need to sign, once again, Roger Clemens? He is a remarkable addition for any team, but we have seen this rotation holding on its own. Those guys have proved it and, to be fair, this is just the first bad spell they’ve faced so far.

If this goes on for two more weeks or so, and we hope it doesn’t, then we’ll call for help. Don’t misunderstand me, it isn’t that I wouldn’t want to see the Rocket one more time wearing the Astros uniform. It’s just that I don’t see it as an urgent matter. Yet.

Now, we’ll have to see if Wandy Rodriguez can get rid of this skid.


Absolutely the Astros need to sign Roger. There is absolutely NO question. Not to denigrate what the starting rotation has done (they’ve been really solid up to now), but I see it as a fairly urgent matter. Nieve going into the ‘pen as a long reliever can only strengthen a shaky situation out there right now. And these rookies are just kids. They are untested and will inevitably have “teaching moments” like Taylor had last night. We need Clemens. Period. Do I believe we would have a shot at the postseason without him? Yes. Absolutely. But I think we are so much stronger with him around.



If our “kids” could have stayed immortal like they were their first 3-4 starts I’d say.. ya we could do with out Roger.. but this last week has shown us that they are human and brought us back down to earth.. I just wish he’d make up his mind and let us know..


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