At last…

Captac1057a783a146169a1f133100f80e5aastr… A win has come along. Thanks to an excellent start from Wandy Rodriguez, the Astros, finally, beat the LA Dodgers 4-2, at the end of a remarkably forgettable trip.

This is the Wandy we have been getting used this season, and not the accident we saw in Denver. Barely 4 hits and a run in 6.2 innings. This was Wandy at his best, and it was so refreshing to finally see great Astros pitching after the stumbling of the last six games. Singles by Eric Munson in the second and Mike Lamb in the sixth drove in a run each; and a throwing error from Rafael Furcal in the seventh got two more runs in.

And, as it has been too usual for our taste, we saw a struggling Brad Lidge, granting walks back and forth, and an RBI single to PH Willy Aybar. Dan Wheeler was rushed for an impromptu closing job. "My confidence is fine," said Lidge, to the Associated Press, which focused their entire game recap on the young closer’s troubles. "I’ve been trying to do too many new things and trying to change a little bit too much. But at this point, I think I just need to simplify things".

One side note: After we saw Wandy, I remember the comment I made yesterday. My friends Thomas and Lisa most probably misunderstood me when I said that I didn’t think that bringing Roger Clemens back by all means was an urgent matter. I do believe that a Clemens frenzy from management would mean, indirectly, take a vow of confidence away from this staff of young pitchers who deserve it, despite the last series of problems.

I’ll say it again: it isn’t that I don’t want to see the Rocket again. It’s just that I believe it would be a little farfetched to see a desperate hunt or see management imploring Clemens and his agents for a return. So far, things are being done the right way: there’s an offer at the table for a return. Keeping distances aside, remember what happened the last time the Astros and its fans went nuts over a player so he could stay with the organization.

Another side note. This is not Astros related, but Texas Monthly magazine has a great article on Jon Daniels, the new Rangers GM. Subscription is required online.

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