Rain and drought

Capt_7d53f19faea74c7db47d14254c301b05_ro_1 These have been two completely different games: On the first one, the Astros unloaded a powerful offensive display, not seen since the very early stages of the season. Fifteen hits to beat the Colorado Rockies 12-2, taking revenge from Jason Jennings, who shut out Houston a week ago at Coors Field.

A three-run homer by Morgan Ensberg started the onslaught, that produced seven runs in two frames, alongside Craig Biggio’s solo shot in the third. Fernando Nieve showed for brief moments that fastball that was his greeting card in the Minors; however, he lacked control at times, so in the end, the win was for Mike Gallo.

Capt_6bbbcda5471240669426b72480570b98_ro It was a whole new ballgame (literally) on Saturday night: Colorado’s starting pitching was once again superb. Aaron Cook silenced Astros bats during six frames and a third, in which he granted a run off 5 hits, giving Houston very few chances to capitalize. The game ended 2-1 in favor of Colorado. Roy Oswalt wasn’t mediocre by any chance, with two runs in seven innings, although the bats couldn’t support him.

We can’t deny the fact the Rockies have demonstrated why they are the surprise in the National League. Their pitching is solid and they are doing the small things that add up in the end. We’ll see if the ‘Stros can win this series at home in the rubber game on Sunday.

One side note: Phil Garner has decided to take Brad Lidge off the closing role, temporarily. There’s no secret in the fact Lidge has issues to work on; now he’ll be able to do it in situations with less pressure. We now know that cutting on the windup doesn’t work. Would it be that he’s showing a bit too much emotion and his gestures are tipping his pitches? Or is it that his repertoire is now too well-known among his opponents and there must be a recipe change? Lidge is able to get out of this mess, and we can only hope he does it sooner than later.

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