Back to Earth

R3430507986_1 Most baseball fans were keeping an eye on tonight’s Astros – Giants game because of Barry Bonds, who is very close to reach second place in the all-time homerun list, next to the immortal Babe Ruth, in the midst of unprecedented controversy.

But not even boos and jeers directed at Bonds (who did not hit a homer) could save this match from boredom; because it became a one-way street since very early. The Giants gave rookie sensation Taylor Buchholz a brutal dose of reality, the second consecutive rough start for him, in a game that ended 10-1 in favor of San Francisco.

R219440733_1 Buchholz granted once again runs galore: eight in total for the three innings he worked on, product of seven hits, including taters from Randy Winn in the game’s very first at-bat, and a grand slam by Pedro Feliz in the third.

It was the worst night for Buchholz (now with a 5.31 ERA) in his brief Major League career. His teammates couldn’t do much offensively, leaving 13 men on base, including loaded bases in two occasions.

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