The lonely Giant

342xsectionmainIt had all the ingredients for a boring night: Monday’s recipe was repeated. Wandy Rodriguez was roughed up (6 earned runs, 10 hits in 3.2 innings), Astros defense was inefficient to say the least, with three errors; and the San Francisco Giants hitted at their leisure, in a game that ended 14-3, insuring that the Astros will lose their first series at home this season.

But the Bonds element was there. Everyone had an eye on the slugger.

And even though he didn’t hit a home run in this game either, there was a reason for those attending the game stopped yawning; giving a standing ovation.

Russ Springer delivered a slider that "escaped from his control" in the fifth, or at least that was the official explanation, and plunked the hated Bonds, which prompted fans to applaud.

It’s clear that Bonds doesn’t want your sympathy, he couldn’t care less. He seems to be encouraged by the jeers and boos. He doesn’t think he should give any explanations at all about the accusations surrounding him, and which have reached their turning point in the book Game of Shadows.

If Bonds ever breaks the all-time HR record set by Hank Aaron, it will be one very sad moment for baseball indeed. Not because of the feat itself; records are meant to be broken. It would be because very few people will be celebrating it. We hope his loneliness serves him well.

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That is an interesting take on things. I’m sure it’s very lonely to be Bonds right now. I think Bonds on Bonds was some sort of misguided attempt to garner some sympathy and some friends. Of course, I have no sympathy for him. He cheated, he treats people poorly, and he made his own bed. I think he’s bad for baseball. Anyway. I linked to you on my blog today, fyi.

I for one will be THRILLED when the Giants are out of Minute Maid Park. They own us in our own home. Astros need to get some wins. Soon. Also, now I’m uneasy: who will the Giants retaliate against tonight? I just hope nobody gets hurt.

I think it’s ashame that Buchholz, Wandy and Nieve are the ones stuck pitching this abysmal series. No matter what they say, they’ve looked jittery and I think this circus has to have gotten to them. Just look at their performances…


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