They will not be missed

Captdef63fa2de2c4db29c9407806be80afcgianAfter all the controversy started by Russ Springer plunking Barry Bonds, Giants manager Felipe Alou told he was pretty upset with the attitude displayed by fans who applauded the fact someone hit on a human being, making that a bad example for kids. (I’m sure Thomas and Lisa have something to say about it). We’ll have to see which one of both elements are a worse example for children; but well, that’s another story altogether.

Despite the fact Bonds wasn’t in the lineup, the situation was pretty much the same: Dismal starting pitching , lack of hitting, and in conclusion, an Astros team that looks in a pretty different shape than the one we saw barely 30 days ago.

This game was, once again, a one-way street: 10-1 in favor of San Francisco. Matt Morris owned the Houston nine tonight, retiring 14 straight opponents in one occasion, and in conclusion, granting barely a run, 3 hits and fanning 4 in eight frames.

On the flip side of the Mirror, we had Fernando Nieve, who was beat up from the start, repeating the same pattern set by his young peers Taylor Buchholz and Wandy Rodriguez in this forgettable series: seven runs, six of them earned in 3.2 innings, skyrocketing his ERA to 5.94.

Ray Durham was the offensive figure for San Francisco, going 3-for-4 with 4 RBI, including a double and a home run. The Astro bullpen, represented by Trever Miller and Dave Borkowski, was able to avoid more damage for a while, but it was too little, too late; and Morris held the bats hostage. And to top it all off, Pedro Feliz ended with that fragile calm with a tater.

The Giants leave Houston extending his dominance of the Astros, now with a 5-1 record this season against them; with the added bad luck that this series was responsibility of the least experienced portion of the starting rotation, who probably panicked with the Bonds circus in front of them. It’s all over now, and there are plenty of adjustments to make in just 48 hours, before Mark Teixeira and the Rangers arrive for a new chapter of the battle for the Silver Boot.

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