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Capt245bf25f15534792b9da5e6057a7a6bbastrTonight’s result is especially frustrating: despite Fernando Nieve’s outstanding pitching, the Astros weren’t able to bring the runs home; and the Washington Nationals prevailed in the end, with a 4-1 score.

Nieve showed great stuff, pitching shutout baseball until the fifth frame, when Damian Jackson went yard with a solo shot. Morgan Ensberg tied the game with a tater of his own, his 15th of the season; however, his teammates couldn’t muster a reaction to Ramon Ortiz’s delivery. Ortiz gave up a run in seven innings. Gary Majewski and Chad Cordero did their part from the ‘pen.

In the end, Fernando granted 2 runs off 3 hits, fanning 2; but the offense wasn’t able to respond; so Nieve got his third loss this year, against barely one win. Russ Springer’s comeback after serving a suspension due to the Barry Bonds incident was a bitter one: home runs by Daryle Ward and Alfonso Soriano were the insurance the Nats needed to get the "W".

The Astros left 6 men stranded, and didn’t have many chances of setting up a rebellion. What a contrast to last night’s game; the lack of support to Nieve is the worst note in this D.C. evening; a good ballgame in the end, that lasted 2 hours and 8 minutes.


I feel bad for Nieve.. lowered his ERA and still got the loss.. It’s amazing how sub-par pitchers can pitch so well against the Astros.. Don’t know if it’s just a fluke, or says something for the Astros offense.. either way.. it a shame..

Thomas, it seems like it’s been happening that way for a couple of seasons now… We make mediocre no-name starters look like Cy Young. So frustrating. Ausmus suggested last season that it seemed like these pitchers were elevating their games against the Astros, perhaps motivated by the Astros’ stellar starting rotation. Particularly when they were pitching against Clemens, Oswalt or Pettitte… Who knows if that’s the case.

In any case, it’s been nice to see all three of our rookies bounce back after poor starts and pitch well. It’s a good sign, even though it’s frustrating that Nieve got the loss.


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