Nothing lasts forever?

Capta0297dd949a04a6294c4830f3e75fe7fastrThere aren’t many good things to talk about the Houston Astros these days. Last night, Taylor Buchholz, one of the reasons to remain optimist about the ballclub, had a very rough outing in which he was beaten by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Bad news seem to spread uncontrollably: the offensive mainstay is day-to-day, starting pitching is been unpredictable, the bullpen is not looking good; and Brad Lidge is still trying to get in touch with himself.

"We are playing crappy baseball", Phil Garner said to beat reporters covering the series at PNC Park. He is so right. I confess that it’s even harder for me to write about a funk like the one the ‘Stros are going through; and not because of my fanaticism. I try to hide it very well for ethical reasons.

It’s that you start sounding like a broken record: singing the blues day after day, when things never seem to change. The only hope you get to keep, is that the Astros have gone through situations worse than this one, that have caused drastic measures, and things have improved. It seems that the weather gets tough, and Management keeps its hand on the wheel, in a move seen by some as plain stubbornness; in the end, it turns out as a vow of confidence in your available resources.

Will this time of uncertainty end? Time will tell. It all depends on how long Berkman stays out of play. He tends to thrive when he returns from a DL stint. The Astros also rely on a rotation, which in fairness, hasn’t been too shabby. However, with Andy Pettitte’s inconsistency, youngsters such as Buchholz, Fernando Nieve and Wandy Rodriguez are carrying the heaviest burden.

You only get to hope the machine gets up and running, the way it should be. All pieces must fit perfectly.

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