An injustice is being made

160x600_asg_hou_playersAnd you can fix it! I just finished a piece for which will run later tomorrow (I’ll check if I can post it here in English), and I just cannot fathom how in the world we don’t see better numbers for Craig Biggio, Lance Berkman, Brad Ausmus and most especially Adam Everett, who is not even on the top five.

Everett’s case is even more astonishing considering he has a better fielding percentage, doubleplay and assist number than all the top-five candidates, and he is not even in that position. That, as a baseball lover, not of the Astros but of the game in general, is something I cannot understand.

Please correct this. We still have time. Use your rights. Use them wisely. Vote Everett. Vote Biggio. Vote Berkman. And that goes to all of you.


I feel your pain… Everett is completely passed over, and considering his sheer highlight reel ability at Short – he should be on the shortlist for the All Star Game.

Thanks for championing the effort – let’s get the vote out!

Offense = All Star. And the days of an outstanding defensive player making the All-Star team(like Ozzie Smith) based on his defensive superiority alone are more than likely over.

I think Bidge and Brad’s only chance of making it are by Garner choosing them. Who knows about Berkman, I think him making it depends on how Pujols is doing(health-wise).

Before the voting is over, my 25 votes will be used up, so I’m trying!

an injustice is going on because most voters are lemmings or just Mets fans (its one and the same really).

Oh my gosh the Mets are doing well in the NL east, so i think I’ll vote in their entire roster because i don’t acutally have a brain.

I think Omar Minyana the Mets GM has kidnapped a 1000 monkees and is making them vote for Mets players over and over again.

I’m now out of votes…

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