Hats and jerseys and tees, Oh my!

Pmlb22212091dtMy name is Rafael, and I’m a recovering Astros-gear shopaholic. Thing is, before being a writer with the Astros, I was an Astros fan. And well, if there’s one thing that fans love more than their team, it’s the gear. You can’t blame them for having such cool stuff for you. From nice hoodies up to t-shirts and jerseys. And of course, there’s the one and only, the quintessential baseball souvenir, the fitted hat. And why not do your own personal tribute to the jersey that started it all, the one which revolutionized baseball attire forever? That’s right, my friends.  Some people hate it, but many more love it. The rainbow jersey.

It’s always nice to display your team colors. Now it’s so much easier to get Pmlb22491645dtthem. In the old-school days, you had to go to the store, choose them, pay for them, then come back home. All you have to do now, is get on your seat, choose them, pay for them, then wait for them to get to your place, all without ever leaving home. All while you listen to Milo and the new guys or JD and Greg Lucas. If you’re outside the US, this is the way to shop Astros. Isn’t that special?

Besides, a jersey is not only to be worn by Lance Berkman and recording artists. You can wear one too. You can even get your name on it.

And hey, if it isn’t enough for you to wear Astros on the street and in your home, you can also read about the two most wonderful years this franchise has experienced (coincidentally, the two seasons I’ve spent writing for them. Yay!); and relive all the great things 2005 had for Astros fans, narrated by Dennis Quaid. It will send shivers down your spine, trust me.

Here’s to the start of your Astros-gear addiction. Enjoy it.

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Nice Rafael.. I still laugh everytime I see the rainbow jerseys..


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