Back to normal?

Capt2db20a4e134b438caef7066364e166f7twinTonight’s game story, regretfully for us, is not Roger Clemens’ comeback. We dedicated ourselves to give you extensive detail of that particular story. We wanted to bring you instant photographic memories of this game just as we got them. We believe we did it. Thomas also did a great liveblogging job.

Sure Clemens was the one who got all the attention, the reason behind all the media frenzy, and the reason why ESPN broadcast this particular game at Minute Maid Park. But one day, someone will pick up the box score from tonight’s game, without noticing first hand that Clemens staged his third return to baseball in as many years, after an unprecedented interest. That person will see that the Minnesota Twins beat the Astros thanks to a superb pitching job by Francisco Liriano, who granted two runs in eight frames, fanning seven. Those two runs came in the eighth with a home run by Jason Lane, the start of a suffocated rebellion. Lisa, we sure missed you for a Mighty Mouse Award and some explosive hitting.

Joe Nathan, usually a shaky closer, struck out 2 in the ninth.

These were the 2005 Astros all over again. Not just in the roster, but in getting a good start by Roger Clemens (not a dominating one, but good enough) and not being able to enjoy its fruits due to a terribly anemic offense. Those Astros, nonetheless, went all the way to the Big Dance. Reviews are mixed on this team and if they will repeat the feat. This was normal in 2005. What is normal for 2006?


I guess if there’s anything good to say about this game, it’s that we didn’t get shut out while Roger was on the hill.. Roger pitched well enough to keep us in the game having him around for every 5th start is definitely going to help our rotation.

fransisco is hot at the moment, he’s probably the hottest pitcher in baseball at the moment.

I saw enough from Clemens yesterday to be pleased.

(I’ve got my subscription back πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :D)

It’s gonna be a **** of a series against the White Sox.

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