Beyond logical reasoning

It’s a tough relationship the one you keep with baseball. When the game is generous to you, it rewards you handsomely. Otherwise, it’s unforgiven.

I’m still trying to understand how the Astros could have a stellar performance by Taylor Buchholz on the mound, in front of a national TV audience, and still lose. The Houston rookie threw a wonderful game, fanning eight and retiring a considerable amount of hitters in a row.

The offense was also doing its part. Mike Lamb hit three doubles, and you saw that the threat to pale hosed starter Jon Garland was always there.

But a base on balls to Jim Thome with 1 down changed everything. The score was 5-1 in favor of the Astros by then.

Singles by Paul Konerko and Jermaine Dye loaded the bases. The ball was handed over to Chad Qualls.

Everything was erased. In an instant. Joe Crede turned the tables with a grand slam, and in the eleventh inning a walk off single by Alex Cintron drove in the definitive run. The final was 6-5 White Sox.

This series so far has been all about grand slams. We hope tomorrow it won’t be the same. There are games which defy all logical explanations. Relief didn’t work. Some would say Phil Garner left his starter for way too long. How could he not do that, if that kid was inspired on the hill?

We’d rather turn the page instead of filling our minds with senseless explanations, trying to explain the unexplainable.


Yeah, we Cardinal fans were wondering the same thing on Thursday when our guy pitched a one-hit, complete game and still lost.

No doubt about it. Those Sox are good.


the Sox are lucky guys that’s for sure.

Last night’s loss really did irritate me as i mentioned.

Hope we can avoid another sweep by the Sox, and that Morgan keeps his big mouth shut.

Morgan? As in Joe Morgan or Morgan Ensberg? I’m confused =)

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