Without a pause

Capta65efadb8e454c3a93449eed013d5924diamYou can’t say Astros management is standing pat these days. They’re working the phones relentlessly. Scouts from the Orioles have been evaluating Astros players in Houston these past couple of days. You can’t say there’s anything definitive though; so it’s mostly wait-and-see.

If the Astros get Miguel Tejada this would obviously improve the team’s offense and overall makeup. But, what are the O’s asking in return? There’s a lot of speculation in that front, and many names are being thrown; such as Jason Hirsh or Chris Burke. No one really know for sure. And we know it’s hard for Tim Purpura, a man raised on the player development field, and who always look at the long-term picture, to get rid of one of his coveted pieces.

We were a bit surprised by the return of Chris Sampson to the big club, while Taylor Buchholz was sent down to Round Rock along with Morgan Ensberg, who will begin his rehab stint. Buchholz, just like Wandy Rodriguez, must be kept on a starter’s schedule; and it’s very true that his ERA was nowhere but up. Sampson left a good impression in his short stint with the Astros, and his return is a well-deserved chance and reward.

The Astros are not quiet on the field either. Roy Oswalt tossed eight solid innings and Houston beat the D-backs 4-1. Willy Taveras drove in two with a triple and Craig Biggio belted a homer. Of course the big news was Oswalt’s stellar night.

These are the days in which fans speculate about who might be coming and going. The only thing we know for know is that, judging from the trade talk we’re hearing, the organization’s high ranks are not giving up on this season whatsoever.


Too bad Biggio was batting 2nd and not 1st, that could have been his 51st leadoff home run!

I’ll be very surprised if the Astros get Miggy.. I just don’t see us having the prospects to get a guy who will either probably leave next season, or use his ability to leave to renegotiate an even bigger salary. If we get Tejada, it would surely mean our farm system is gutted.. I don’t think they’d(the O’s) would trade Miggy for anything less than Hirsch, Burke and Everett(probably more). I don’t mind giving up Everett, but I’m not too sure about losing Burke or Hirsch.. especially Hirsch.


Good game, could have done with a bit more of a cushion. Roy O was amazing, and Willy T flying around the bases was fun.

The Astros have been splashed around the baseball world this morning. Miggy T trade turned down, they made a bid for Carlos Lee, bid to get Soriano and the Rangers asking for Lidge. And Purpura makes it clear that Pence and Hirsh are off limits.


We need to trade the Management staff and catcher they ****.

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