Standing pat

Hdr_581_06The trade deadline came and passed, and this year we saw a lot of action in that front. Greg Maddux is now a Los Angeles Dodger. Sean Casey comes to bulk up the already powerful Tigers offense, Cesar Izturis now will take grounders at Wrigley field, Bobby Abreu is the newest Bronx Bomber.

And Miguel Tejada is still a Baltimore Oriole.

The Astros didn’t get anything to show off at the trading frenzy for the second year in a row, and this time it wasn’t for lack of effort. They actively pursued Tejada, but the price to pay could have been awfully high. Names such as Brad Lidge, Roy Oswalt and Morgan Ensberg were on the table, according to all the speculation we heard this weekend. (Tim Purpura will never tell you this kind of stuff. Ever.)

We heard that Oswalt had been demanded, and that even Billy Wagner was about to give the Mets scouting reports on Oswalt and Lidge. Who were the Mets willing to trade for them? That is, if Omar Minaya ever made that call. There’s nothing that might prove us he didn’t.

Sending Oswalt somewhere else (being one of your most consistent winners and reliable arms) wasn’t on fans minds anyway; and if this report by Ken Rosenthal (a very well-respected writer) is true, that means they did OK in backing out of that one. I don’t believe separating Roy O from the Astros was the solution, not even for the most-coveted player on the market. What happened today might have saved us from another nightmare la Nolan Ryan.

If indeed there was hard work in getting something worthwhile, Purpura ended up empty-handed anyway. There are two options that might explain us this: Maybe other teams undervalued Astros players. Or there wasn’t enough aggressiveness.

This was a particular season in which Management should have made a bold and remarkable statement telling fans they’re not pulling the plug on this season. However, nothing was worth seeing the Astros’ most promising pitcher leaving town.

But it will be hard to fans to believe there’s still hope after all of this. I do hope I’m wrong.

PS: All Astros fans are having a collective sigh of relief, most especially my good friend Miles Rogers, who is a part of the Os Bros. And at least, we don’t have to change the subject of our wallpaper schedule.


I’m glad we weren’t sellers… even if we were mathematically eliminated from the Wild Card, I still wouldn’t like to see us start selling our players… I’m glad Purpura tried to gain some help, but like I said in my blog, getting rid of Roy-0 shouldn’t have ever been an option.

well Purpura made a trade, but he may have damanged his relationship with Oswalt for good, and the stud pitcher might bolt out of Houston after the 2007 season.

If I was Drayton I would give him a 5 year contract now.

Lets see how this roadtrip goes, but I think without a bat the Astros are consigned to a baseball free October.

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