Solid pitching, from start to finish

Capt90140631340b4756840e676e9d0f250dpiraIncredible. Brandon Backe will be tomorrow’s headlines (yes, we know it was against the Pirates but that doesn’t make it less remarkable). 3 hits, 1 run in 7 innings. Dan Wheeler and Brad Lidge struck out the side, for a total of 6 straight strikeouts. That’s what you call closing pitching.

A Craig Biggio homer set the pace alongside that dominant pitching, and the Astros started the current home stand the right way, with a 3-1 win over Pittsburgh.


It’s the way we’ll get to the show, timely hitting and quality starting and relief pitching.

Jason Hirsh pitching Saturday, that should be exciting. We do look like we’ve turned it around, but we have to be consistent.

Backe’s looked great in his last two starts.. Hope he can keep it up. He’s shown how effective he can be in the playoffs, but he hasn’t really been consistent in the regular season(away from home). I think I heard his home record is 13-3. Maybe they should save all his starts for home games? Kidding of course.

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